Rental law

It known that the stability of any society emerges from the stability of the families composing that society, and the stability of facilities is closely associated with the stability of the place where these families are living. So, the relationship between landlords and the tenants is sensitive and essential, it exceeds the boundaries and affects all the members of the family, including the father, the mother or the children, and includes also the traders, owners of companies and manufacturers, since the continuation of these traders in their sites and addresses for a long period of time helps them on their trade because the place has its customers and this property has become of great material and moral value which is estimated at millions of Dirhams.

Therefore, it is necessary that each party in the rental relationship shall know exactly his rights and duties, especially in a country like the UAE, and in Dubai specifically since it is considered as one of the most important cities in the industry of real estate, including the development of real estate and the different types of rentals i.e. residential, commercial and industrial.

NMLAW-Rental Law

Nasser Malalla Advocates and Legal Consultants law firm is proud to offer its professional legal services for individuals and major companies operating in the UAE, like for example but not limited to:

  • Dubai Mall
  • EMAAR Malls
  • Better Homes LLC Co.
  • Aramco LLC Co.
  • H.H Real Estate Development LLC
  • Amlak Finance LLC
  • Tamweel Co.

The firm is working also in claims like:

  • Evacuation claims
  • Renewal claims
  • Cases for maintenance claims either on behalf of the owner or on behalf of the lessee
  • Rental claims and compensation
  • Sublease
  • Non-payment and return of rental cheques
  • Evacuation for personal use or demolition

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